CLIC Informed Consent Form

According to European GDPR, we ask you to read and sign this Informed Consent Form before starting the CLIC Survey.

The CLIC Project

The overarching goal of CLIC trans-disciplinary research project is to identify evaluation tools to test, implement, validate and share innovative “circular” financing, business and governance models for systemic adaptive reuse of cultural heritage and landscape, demonstrating the economic, social, environmental convenience, in terms of long lasting economic, cultural and environmental wealth.

The CLIC project identifies innovative financing, business and governance models able to promote and facilitate adaptive reuse of cultural heritage in European cities and cultural landscapes in the perspective of the circular economy. The project aims to attract new sustainable investments for the reuse of abandoned buildings and landscapes, aiming at generating positive social and environmental impacts and at increasing employment through joint public-private-social partnerships.

The CLIC project will be structured in research activities (data collection, analysis of best practices of abandoned cultural heritage/landscape regeneration, elaboration of models) and in an operational phase, including:

(1) stakeholders’ engagement aimed at enhancing their active participation in cultural heritage adaptive reuse processes (meetings, thematic workshops, focus groups);

(2) testing of the proposed models of governance, financing and business.

CLIC represents an opportunity for the cities involved, in terms of improving the ability to manage cultural heritage, attracting investments, creating jobs and attracting / developing skills useful for the valorization and regeneration of cultural heritage/landscape. The CLIC project intends to provide local decision-makers with useful assessment tools to address the complex challenges of managing cultural and landscape assets to transform what is currently a cost to the community, into an opportunity for economic, social and environmental development and cultural promotion of the city.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776758.


We invite you to read this consent form as we would appreciate to discuss and share your specific experiences and thoughts on the key topics of our project, about which you may talk to anybody you feel comfortable with. Please take some time to reflect on whether you would like to participate or not. If there’s anything you don’t understand in this information sheet, feel free to ask any questions at any time.


Participant Selection

You are invited to contribute to this project due to your experience as a city representative, academic, representative of civil society, representative of private stakeholder, and take part to a survey collection of facts and perceptions related to case studies.

Voluntary Participation

Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary. You can choose either to participate or to decline the invitation. 



The information collected is used for research purposes.



The survey might potentially include sensitive and personal issues (i.e. political opinions, cultural values). These kinds of personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with the initial purpose. Moreover, you do not have to answer any question that might make you feel uncomfortable.



There will be no reimbursement for your participation.



All data collected through this survey will be used for research purposes. The data you provided will be stored and available for public consultation in the Knowledge Information Hub that will be available in the dedicated internet platform only with regard to the answers provided and anonymity will be guaranteed. Nobody will be named at the analysis of data, although direct quotes from your comments are very likely to be used in reports. As with any research project there could be limits to confidentiality. However, this research does not deal with any sensitive subjects, so the likelihood of such experiences is very small.

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Data storage

All data will be stored for five years, counting from the end of the project. These data can be made available to other scientific practitioners at request.


Sharing the Results

The project findings are expected to be published within public reports. The data for example will be used in policy notes, conferences and workshops and as communication material.


Who to Contact

If you have any questions about this project feel free to ask questions by email at any time.

You can contact the project Scientific Coordinator: prof. Luigi Fusco Girard (;

By signing this letter of consent, you acknowledge that you have been informed on the purpose and nature of the research and that the information you provide will remain anonymous.


I, the undersigned, confirm that:

  • I have read and understood the information about the CLIC Project, as provided in the Information Sheet
  • I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the projects and my participation
  • I voluntarily agree to participate in the project
  • I understand I can withdraw at any time without giving reasons and that I will not be penalised for withdrawing nor will I be questioned on why I have withdrawn
  • The procedures regarding confidentiality have been clearly explained (e.g. use of names, anonymisation of data, etc.) to me
  • The use of the data in sharing, archiving, dissemination and publications has been explained to me
  • I consent to the data gathered being used for this study
  • I consent to the online recording of the event for research purposes only, without publication and without any other public use of the recorded event