Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse

Circular models Leveraging Investments
in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse

About CLIC Project

CLIC develops, tests and validates innovative “circular” business, financing and governance models to place cultural heritage and historic urban landscapes adaptive reuse at the forefront for the implementation of a European model of circular economy and circular city-region centered on the regeneration of cultural and natural capital.


The CLIC project applies the circular economy principles to cultural heritage adaptive reuse for achieving environmentally, socially, culturally and economically sustainable urban/territorial development. Adaptive reuse of cultural heritage is seen as a mean to circularize the flows of raw-materials, energy, cultural capital as well as social capital. The circular paradigm is assumed in the project not only for the economic growth but also for promoting human development.


The CLIC project adopts a trans-disciplinary and systemic approach that integrates technology, business models and economic organisation, finance, governance and regulations as well as skills and social innovation, framed in the perspective of the circular economy as possible model for a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable development. The project combines traditional knowledge with scientific knowledge, developing multistakeholder win-win business, financing and governance models, inclusive planning and decision-making.


Cultural heritage/landscape is recognized by the European Union as a key economic resource in the global competition. The CLIC project is theoretically and practically interrelated to the international research, policy orientation and innovation activities on the role and impacts of cultural heritage/landscape for sustainable local development. The circular economy approach opens innovative solutions attentive to conservation of cultural/natural resources, to local production loops, local circuits of value production.

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