Start-up Competition

A startup competition will be launched during Start Europe Week 2020.

The competition will be designed to give cultural and creative entrepreneurs a real-world experience to fine tune their business plans and elevator pitches to generate funding for successful commercialization of their product. A pool of judges will evaluate the teams soliciting start-ups funds from crowdfunding platforms, early stage investors and venture capital firms. Awards and prizes will include the chance to receive mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs,businesses coaches and investors; opportunities to launch initiatives on a crowdfunding platform, networking with potential venture capitalists and other investors; high caliber of judges, all senior level investors, entrepreneurs andindustry leaders; opportunities to receive individual feedback during separate sessions.

The Startup Competition will be made of 4 rounds

1st round: Start-up competition preparation

(November 2019 – February 2020)

3rd round: A Selecting Committee composed by entrepreneurs

CLIC partners appointed persons and potential businesspartners and investors, will review all online applications and will pre-select 10 startups. The 10 pre-selected startups will be invited to submit a business plan idea (May 2020).

2nd round: Start up competition

(likely in February 2020)

4th round: Pitch day and winners announcement

The 10 startups pre-selected will pitch their project by skype or video session in front of the selecting committee who will select only the 5 winners on the basis of the pitch and of the business plan idea.

Judging Criteria Overview

The Selecting Committee will evaluate each idea based on the following criteria:

  • Content of the business plan, including thoroughness and quality of the analysis
  • Attractiveness of the business model
  • The ability to respond to the circular economy and sustainability model
  • Effective use of business information and research
  • Team quality and experience
  • Social / environmental impact of the business idea
  • Clear communication
  • Quality and effectiveness of final presentation