11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2020

Gillian Foster held two presentations during the conference 11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2020 (August 18 – 21 2020).  The conference was originally scheduled for Vienna, Austria but was held online due to the corona pandemic.  The conference is focused on the global transitions research community. Cutting edge research in the field is presented to peers. The first presentation was focused on the concept of cultural capital and the ontological differences embedded in the disciplinary definitions of the term cultural capital. This presentation is titled, “Cultural Capital, Lost in Translation”.  The second presentation was to officially receive the Elsevier Atlas Award for SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production for the paper “Circular Economy Strategies for Adaptive Reuse of Cultural Heritage Buildings to Reduce Environmental Impacts”. The “Elsevier Award Ceremony and Meet the Atlas Awardees” session was held on August 20. Dr. Foster accepted the award, presented her research and answered the audiences questions.

An interview on Elsevier’s website discusses the Award.