Circular heritage buildings: the unique story of heritage

The “Circulair bouwen aan erfgoed: het unieke verhaal van erfgoed \ Circular heritage buildings: the unique story of heritage” was a debate and talkshow organized by Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on November 24th, 2020. The aim of the program has been to discuss the opportunities and challenges in making heritage more sustainable and circular. All the participants represented different best practices of circular heritage reuse and regeneration from the Netherlands. The experts and project managers came together to exchange knowledge and experience.

Deniz Ikiz Kaya, CLIC researcher and Assistant Professor from Eindhoven University of Technology, joined the live debate and presented their research outputs on challenges of implementing adaptive reuse practices in the Netherlands, as well as the results derived from their study on circularity performance analysis of these Dutch practices. In addition, she also presented examples from other research activities she conducted on the topic, such as the reuse of water towers in the Brabant region.

The presentation was well received by the participants and there were several questions regarding how these challenges can be tackled in local contexts. Individual examples and best practices were further discussed.

Links to PPT/PDF presentations: