CLIC at Placemaking Week Europe 2019 in Valencia

Placemaking Week Europe 2019 is Europe’s biggest conference and festival for placemaking: 4 days of inspiring discussions, interactive workshops and knowledge sharing and co-creation to discover, co-design, test and implement innovative placemaking solutions.

From June 12th-15th a wave of about 400 professionals across diverse sectors and disciplines – from fields related to sociology, urbanism, architecture, science, culture, politics and policy making, entrepreneurs, citizens and activists – will invade the city of Valencia to discuss how to turn spaces into places by  learning from each other, sharing experiences and best practices, and co-creating placemaking tools for the future.

Organized  by La Marina de València, STIPO and  European Placemaking Network, in collaboration with the Creative Bureaucracy Festival , this event will help accelerate existing and new projects, thus celebrating the growing contribution of placemaking in creating better cities.

The CLIC project will be presented on 13th June by Anna Domaradzka, from University of Warsaw, within the workshop “Heritage as an instrument to build stronger European communities”.

Building better and more inclusive cities implies an integrated approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces, with a strong involvement of local communities and stakeholders. The aim of Placemaking is just to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community. Cultural heritage can be an excellent tool to start a lively and collaborative dialogue with communities, able to strengthen their sense of place and belonging, thus leading citizens to enjoy, preserve and take ownership of cultural heritage in their neighbourhoods.

Also the CLIC approach stems from the awareness that successful and effective adaptive reuse cannot exist without listening to communities to discover their real needs and expectations.

Anna Domaradzka will tell the audience how the adaptive reuse and regeneration of abandoned or underused cultural heritage is developed within the CLIC research combining placemaking principles with civic engagement by testing in the 4 pilots innovative models, tools and approaches for cultural heritage adaptive reuse in the perspective of the circular economy in close cooperation with local communities. The Heritage Innovation Partnerships, developed within the project and based on a bottom-up approach, are a visible example of the importance of involving local actors in the co-creation of a successful Local Action Plan aimed to generate an effective urban revitalization.

Download CLIC Project Valencia Placemaking Week presentation

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