Heritage Innovation Partnership #3 in Västra Götaland Region

The third HIP meeting was held in Västra Götaland Region in partnership with Uppsala University on May 15th, 2019, with the following main objectives:

  • to follow up on activities from the HIP 1 and HIP 2;
  • to identify complementarity of the HIP process with local development processes that the region is implementing by learning from the process in the industrial area of Ringön in Gothenburg;
  • to invite and involve stakeholders from the CLIC case studies in Västra Götaland to discuss planning, management and strategies for circular economy and adaptive re-use based on the good practice of Ringön, so far successful project regarding implementation of adaptive re-use in a well-functioning environment of SMEs, most of them active in the traditional industrial economy and not only cultural and creative industries;
  • to identify on how to attract entrepreneurs in the cultural field to the sites and what strategy a property owner needs when attracting companies (mainly small companies within CCI) that are the ones with the greatest interest and who would contribute most to raising the status of the sites.

The key points discussed were: the relation between entrepreneurship and adaptive re-use of historic buildings, place-making and gentrification processes, through the experience of Ringön, and possible lessons learned for the CLIC cases.

In the first two HIP meetings, the CLIC sites identified bottlenecks and barriers for adaptive re-use of the buildings. During the third HIP meeting a difficulty to find tenants-companies interested in operating in old industrial sites with cultural heritage values were identified as one of the biggest challenges. Furthermore, participants tried to build up a vision for the area in 2030 from economic, environmental and social perspective.