Participation of CLIC project to the UN Climate Change Conference

Within the UN Climate Change Conference, Saša Dobričič, representative of the University of Nova Gorica, was invited as speaker to the panel “A European criminal court to protect the environment and the health of citizens: a proposal to change Europe”.

The session started from the awareness that climate change is compromising entire ecosystems and the right to a healthy environment for future generations, requiring urgent action and a significant shift in our lifestyle as well as in our consumption and production models. Actually the global contrast to the climate change is presently played both through preventive actions and through pro-active attitudes. Among these, the transition to a circular economy and the re-naturing of our built environment represent a powerful approach.

In this perspective, Saša Dobričič presented the CLIC project showing its video and investigating the circular dimension of living urban and cultural landscapes. It was the occasion to present another H2020 twin project, URBiNATHealthy corridors as drivers of social housing neighbourhoods for the co-creation of social, environmental and marketable NBS, that highlights the impact of socially led nature-based solutions for urban regeneration. CLIC developed a close collaboration with URBINAT, as well as with many other EU-funded projects, within the Taskforce on “Circular models for cultural heritage adaptive reuse in cities and regions” which was one of the issues included in the presentation.

The researcher emphasized that “…working, learning and producing with nature, rather than against it, can help in enhancing natural, but most of all, also social capital”, which imposes a co-design and co-production  practice that respects the cyclical dimension that nature (and culture) imposes to new productive models. Moreover, through a participatory co-design practice, CLIC explores the circular models that characterise many tangible and intangible heritage assets and builds upon a new circular business dimension that boosts, rather than draining, the natural and social potential.


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