Peer Review Meeting #2 in Rijeka

The Peer Review between CLIC partner cities / regions and Rijeka stakeholders was organized within a larger CLIC event in Rijeka which included Mid-term international conference “Heritage Adaptive Reuse and Circular Economy” on 27.03.2019., Historic urban landscape workshop on 28.03.2019 and Peer review meeting on 29.03.2019.

Peer review meeting was organised in order to show to CLIC partners the assets discussed in the project and the different case studies of Rijeka’s cultural heritage projects.

The goal of the Peer review meeting was to exchange local experiences on adaptive reuse of cultural heritage, and, in non-formal presentations and discussions, gathering inspiration from others, and learning in a process on what worked, what did not work, what could be done differently and what are the success stories.

Relevant experts from Rijeka institutions participated to the workshop and gave to all participants deep and extensive view of current activities and projects, barriers and future opportunities. Additionally, the Peer Review Meeting was the opportunity to promote Rijeka’s strategy and to share experience and exchange opinions among researches and stakeholders from CLIC project countries and to enhance heritage management and adaptive reuse practices, to improve the conditions to carry out appropriate adaptive reuse, and to integrate the concept into the conservation theory.

The following institutions and their current projects and activities were presented and discussed during the Peer to peer workshop in Rijeka:

  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art;
  • City Museum of Rijeka;
  • Pro-Torpedo Association;
  • Art-kino Rijeka;
  • Children’s House and Rijeka City Library;
  • Rijeka 2020 Ltd;
  • The Galeb Ship;
  • Natural History Museum Rijeka –presentation of the related project “Interpretation Center of Natural Heritage of Primorje -Gorski Kotar County”.

The workshop was held in two places – Museum of modern and contemporary art, situated in the new cultural district currently emerging to meet ECOC 2020, and in the headquarter of the Rijeka 2020 Agency.