Urban Maestro Workshop#2 Design Environment: Setting up the Conditions that Enhance the Spatial Quality

On 29th-31st January, Ruba Saleh from ICHEC Brussels Management School will attend the second URBAN MAESTRO Workshop “Design Environment: Setting up the Conditions that Enhance the Spatial Quality”.

The workshop is aimed at sharing knowledge, ideas and different perspectives of analysis to figure out an action plan to improve the built environment and the quality of urban places which results from the accumulation over time of a complex combination of factors, behaviours, and decisions from multiple stakeholders.

Innovative governance strategies for urban design will be discussed. Specifically, the first session will focus on Design Environment while the second one, Enabling the change, will be the occasion to co-create solutions that help to improve the built environment, paying special attention to community voice and inclusive planning.

URBAN MAESTRO is a project funded under H2020 research and innovation programme, whose consortium comprise the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat), University College London (UCL) and Brussels bouwmeester maître architecte (BMA).

The project looks at the ways European cities are being designed and financed, focusing on innovative ways of generating and implementing urban spatial quality.

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