CLIC at Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals in Delft

The international LDE-Heritage conference “Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals” took place in Delft, The Netherlands, between November 26 and 28, 2019. The conference aimed at increasing the impact of heritage on the sustainable development of cities and communities. The sparkling dialogue among academics and heritage-practitioners explored heritage and SDGs from different angles through conference sessions, roundtables, and workshops.

Christian Ost, a representative of the Belgian CLIC team, illustrated the contribution of adaptive reuse of cultural heritage to the circular economy and sustainability. He pinpointed that “today, conservation for the sake of conservation is harder to legitimize. It is legitimized for its contribution to sustainability and to circular economy”. Besides, Christian shared with the audience the results of the perception mapping performed in Rijeka, Croatia, and in Salerno, Italy. This perception mapping was carried on by Ruba Saleh, Christian, and their team.

Nadia Pintossi, a representative of the Dutch CLIC team, presented results of her doctoral research on cultural heritage adaptive reuse. Her research aims at providing a baseline on challenges in adaptive reuse of cultural heritage and solutions to them. She illustrated the complex and varied system of challenges and solutions entailed in these practices as identified in the CLIC HUL workshop hosted by Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

Afterwards, Deniz Ikiz Kaya and Nadia participated as catalysts in roundtables discussing with colleagues about heritage and climate change from various angles. Deniz contributed to “Climate Change Adaptation of Cultural Heritage” and Nadia to “Heritage and Environment”.