CLIC attending the IV Terraced Landscapes World Congress ITLA “Re-enchanting Terraces”

In our complex contemporary world, the construction of the Landscape is an essential action that must be promoted and fulfilled. At present, the terraces, their structures, their habitat and their ecological functions are in retreat (breakage of the retaining walls and subsequent loss of crop soils, abandonment) with a consequent and important change in the value and perception of the landscape.

CLIC took part in the 4th World Congress organized by the International Terraced Landscapes Alliance (ITLA), committed to recovering the memory of the terraces and reinventing them as active resources that can be used to respond to a series of demands of today’s society, such as the preservation of historical and cultural value, the improvement of the quality of life and the need of the human being to have a sense of belonging to their territory and sustainable development.

CLIC project was represented by Antonia Gravagnuolo, researcher at IRISS CNR, who talked about the close relationship between circular economy and terraced landscape conservation, emphasizing how the introduction of circular models can significantly contribute to the retrieve and development of land abandonment in marginal rural areas.