CLIC Midterm Conference

The international conference entitled Heritage Adaptive Reuse and Circular Economy will be held in Rijeka on 27-28 March 2019 within the framework of the CLIC project, Circular Models Leveraging Investments in Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse, financed by the EU programme HORIZON2020.

The conference aims at sharing experiences and knowledge on the three main topics of the CLIC project, namely:

  • Adaptive reuse of cultural heritage – what does adaptive reuse means, which are the conditions to carry out appropriate adaptive reuse, how the concept of adaptive reuse is integrated into the conservation theory and how we do distinguish adaptive reuse from restoration and conservation.
  • Circular economy in urban development – what circular economy is and how it relates to the building sector with a specific attention to cultural heritage maintenance and preservation, which are the main links and field of application of the circular economy in the building sector and if there are already successful stories in applying circular economy to cultural heritage.
  • Historic Urban landscape and sustainability – what are we referring to when we talk about historic urban landscape, how the concept developed in the international debate and how do we assess it for its preservation, given that preservation is the real challenge for HUL. In addition, how is the concept of historic urban landscape relating to circular economy and cultural heritage preservation and adaptive reuse.

The conference will tackle the above topics through an ad-hoc perspective, given by the case study of Rijeka, European Cultural Capital in 2020, that has already undertaken numerous redevelopment projects at different scales and which is part of the CLIC consortium, as well as through an international practices exchange, by presenting different ongoing initiatives in Europe and abroad.

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