CLIC session at ILUCIDARE Playground: Intrinsic value of cultural heritage as driver for heritage-led entrepreneurship

November, 20th 2019 CLIC will take part in the ILUCIDARE Playground “Cracking the future of heritage”, a one-day interactive networking event with more than 200 delegates which will explore the multifaceted contribution heritage makes to sustainable and inclusive societies to tackle societal challenges through innovation and to engage in multicultural dialogue.

The event, addressed to heritage professionals, researchers, innovators, policy makers, activists and volunteers, will allow to engage in stimulating discussions leading to concrete policy actions and learn about existing initiatives and supporting tools in heritage and international relations.

The ILUCIDARE Playground afternoon programme is jointly developed with CLIC and the Horizon 2020 projects ECHOESROCK, and RURITAGE.

The programme includes the CLIC session “Intrinsic value of cultural heritage as driver for heritage-led entrepreneurship”, moderated by Raffaele Lupacchini, from Municipality of Salerno. This workshop will involve stakeholders in CLIC cities and region: Salerno, Rijeka, Amsterdam, Västra Götaland region, as well as other cities, to discuss ways in which the intrinsic value of cultural heritage can be recognized by local communities and can act as driver/enabler of new heritage-led entrepreneurship, valorizing the uniqueness of local cultural expressions. The CLIC city of Salerno, Italy, will share the experience of the Heritage Innovation Partnerships which led to the co-development of a strategic cultural project for the city, founded on the intrinsic value of the Historic Medical School of Salerno and its potential recognition within the European Cultural Routes, linking with other European cities.

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