HUL Workshop #4 Västra Götaland Region

The fourth HUL workshop was held in Gustavsfors (Sweden) on 12th September 2019, organized by Västra Götaland Region in collaboration with Uppsala University and under the coordination of the Eindhoven University of Technology. It was the occasion for presenting two of the fourth case studies included in the project.

The first case study presented was Gustavsfors mill where the old industrial district is being transformed into a hub of natural tourism in Dalsland. The second one was Fengersfors mill where the former paper mill was transformed into a cluster for CCN (cultural and creative industries/clusters), which is turning into a growing destination for tourism visitors with around 40 companies currently active on the site. Stakeholders from the other two locations in CLIC, Strömsfors and Forsvik, participated and presented their places and challenges.

Participants agreed on the fact that transformed cultural-historical environments have great potential to contribute to regional development. Nevertheless, what clearly emerged from the workshop was a substantial lack of developed business models to finance this process. Another obstacle identified to adaptive reuse of cultural and landscape heritage was the lack of coordination between different sectors of society. Participants proposed as solution for a more effective cultural and environmental protection a stronger cooperation with other sectors such as the environment and business development.