HIPs Stakeholders’ Permanent Lab

One of the results of the Heritage Innovation Partnerships, coordinated by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, is represented by the establishement of a broad and active “Heritage Community” in Salerno, open to anyone wishing to contribute to the reactivation of underused and abandoned buildings, sites and cultural landscapes, ensuring the preservation of the cultural and social values of heritage and contributing to environmental regeneration as well as to the creation of new jobs in sectors related to reuse activities.

The HIPs Stakeholders’ Permanent Lab has been recently launched in Salerno thanks to the collaboration between of Municipality of Salerno and its research partner, CNR-IRISS, who welcomed the explicit request of a number of CLIC project stakeholders to stimulate closer and continuous collaboration between the various stakeholders in the Heritage Innovation Partnerships and with the project team, by collecting, sharing and analysing proposals for action for the definition of the Local Action Plan.

The Laboratory is the ideal structure for open, inclusive and operational dialogue and collaboration, through which it is possible to promote a constructive dialogue between those who aspire to take an active role in the conservation, enhancement and reuse of the city’s cultural heritage.

Informal working meetings will alternate with public meetings of HIPs for discussion, co-evaluation and sharing of ideas.

The Local Action Plan will be the result of dialogue and negotiation among stakeholders, through a continuous evaluation and feedback process supported by the CLIC project.


The Laboratory is aimed at:

  • co-creating the Local Action Plan for the reuse of abandoned and underused cultural heritage in Salerno;
  • enhancing the specific cultural identity of Salerno, in particular through the promotion of its Ancient Medical School;
  • creating opportunities for sustainable development in the long term sbased on the reactivation of cultural and social capital (e. the development of a cultural and creative tourism offer based on the authenticity of “intrinsic values” of the city);
  • stimulating new forms of heritage-led entrepreneurship ‘linking past and future’.

The HIPs Stakeholders’ Permanent Lab in Salerno represents the first experience that can be successfully replicated in the other CLIC pilots.

The Laboratory is kindly hosted by Giardino della Minerva every Monday.


Giardino della Minerva

  • Via F. Sanseverino, 1 – 84121, SALERNO – Every Monday (10 -13 h).

Contact point CLIC – HIPs Permanent Lab Salerno