OpenLivingLab Days “Co-creating innovation: scaling up from Local to Global”

OpenLivingLab Days (OLLD) is the annual gathering of the global Living Lab community. This year it takes place  from 3 to 5 September 2019 at the Concert Hall M2 in Thessaloniki (Greece). OLLDDays is a unique 3-day long event bringing together researchers, public authorities, companies and Living Lab practitioners. The aim is to create new products and services, to set the basis for debate and exploration of theories, and to discuss and process policy recommendations within the practical elements of open and user-driven innovation.

Through interactive panel discussions, hands-on workshops with leading experts and site visits to our local partners, OLLD offers an exclusive networking and knowledge sharing experience.

The OpenLivingLab Days event kick-off on 3 September, but the September 2,  before the start of the official OLLD conference, has been provided a soft landing platform to the key components of Living Labs before diving into the deep end. The Learning Lab Day (Day 0) has been a one-day training offered to starter Living Labs and other Living Lab enthusiasts in learning all about the key elements and operations of Living Labs.

Today – Scaling up challenge. 14- 17:30,  Concert Hall M2, Thessaloniki (Greece)

Inspired by the first edition of the SDG Cities Challenge taking place in Geneva in 2018, an extended three hours version of the large scale co-creation session will host 120+ participants working in parallel on different issues introduced by invited and selected table and challenge owners all reflecting on the main theme of the conference.

The 2019 Scaling up Challenge is co-organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the European Commission Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises.