Impact of the CLIC project on local community: CLIC included in the DOS of Salerno

In 2018, CLIC has been formally included in the Strategic Planning Document of the Municipality of Salerno, foreseeing funding to some Cultural Heritage sites mapped by CLIC researchers as abandoned/underused, in synergy with local stakeholders. On 1 of August, 2019, following Resolution n. 27, some financial resources have been allocated for the restoration, enhancement and reuse of some abandoned and underused goods, acknowledging the inputs of the project and the HIPs, as resulting from the mapping process.

This represents a strong sign of commitment of the Municipality in making operational the tools and recommendations developed under the project. Moreover, the best practices identified through the project will be used in the development of the strategic documents of the City of Rijeka (Action plan, Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka, Urban Agglomeration Strategy).

Additional formal integration of CLIC Local Action Plans, objectives and tools will be integrated in the second part of the project within local planning and regulatory tools, based on the results obtained during the testing phase.