Participation of CLIC Project at UN-HABITAT World Cities Day Cities for all: the ecological and human-centred development strategy of metropolitan cities. The circular city model in the COVID-19 context

The challenge of climate change, due to its huge impacts at the environmental, social and economic level, is the most important issue of our time, that can be successfully addressed through the circular economy model, which represents the way towards a Better Urban Future, more inclusive and more ecologically sustainable.

Consistently with the World Habitat Day, the event addressed the following questions: How (metropolitan) cities can become more resilient adopting the circular model organization? Which strategies? Which technologies? Cities are in search of nature-based solutions: which ones?

Now more than ever the pandemic obliges to rethink planning processes for development from the perspective of the circular economy and circular city model, where planning, designing and managing process should be inspired to nature as the most important city infrastructure. It was the occasion to reflect on the actions to be taken towards a more livable city as well as on the Universities researches to carry out to improve city resilience to cope with the COVID-19 and future challenges.

The initiative was promoted by the Laboratory on Creative and Sustainable City – Department of Architecture (DiARC), University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy and Association Professors Emeriti of University of Naples Federico II (APEF), Naples, Italy in collaboration with UN-HABITAT Universities; UN-HABITAT World Urban Campaign; ICOMOS-ISCEC; Interdepartmental Research Centre on Urban Planning Alberto Calza Bini – University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy and the Research Project of Relevant National Interest (PRIN) founded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) “Metropolitan cities: territorial strategies and circular regeneration” (PRIN 2015).

Prof Luigi Fusco Girard, CLIC Project Scientific Coordinator, contributed to the event.

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