Participation of CLIC project to the “Urbanism and Urban Architecture final annual event”

CLIC was presented at the end of the academic year event of the Urbanism and Urban Architecture chair, Eindhoven University of Technology. The UUA research group focuses on (trans)formation of the city and its architecture anticipating on the systemic changes in urban society, economy, technology and governance.

Urbanism and Urban Architecture key areas of research are the following:

  • Healthy Cities, smart mobility and public space design;
  • Circular Cities, urban metabolism and system thinking;
  • Smart Cities, participatory urbanism and place making; and
  • Cultural Heritage, spatial biographies and contextual design.

The event was the occasion to share the objectives, activities and main results of the CLIC project with students, local stakeholders and researchers who discovered about the CLIC project thanks to a presentation by Nadia Pintossi, researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology.