Peer Review Meeting Salerno

The Peer Review between CLIC partner cities/regions and local stakeholders was organized within a larger CLIC event in Salerno, which included a 2-days Historic Urban Landscape workshop on 26-27 November, when a guided tour of the city was carried out with focus on the reuse of specific historic buildings, in order to show to CLIC partners and to all stakeholders the assets discussed and the different architectural typologies and strategies for reuse of abandoned heritage in Salerno.

The events were held in different places, related to specific projects, with the aim to promote local stakeholders’ activities and reuse strategies.

The aim of the Peer Review was to share experiences and opinions among researchers and stakeholders from different countries, in order to enhance adaptive reuse practices in Salerno, exploring the current barriers and future opportunities of San Michele recovery and reuse project, Palazzo Innovazione, Giardino della Minerva, and the abandoned Church of “Morticelli”.