Circular Business Models seminar at CNR IRISS

On Tuesday, September 18, a Seminar on Circular Business Models has been held at the CNR IRISS with Dr. Roberta De Angelis, research fellow at the University of Exeter (University of Exeter Business School).

The University of Exeter has been designated as a “Global Pioneer University” by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and recently launched the “Exeter Centre for Circular Economy“.

The seminar is part of the Horizon 2020 project CLIC – Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse and addressed researchers and experts interested in the circular economy and new business models through which this theoretical model is applied in practice.

Research on circular business models has evolved in recent years thanks also to the growing focus on sustainable production and consumption models focused on reuse, recycling and reduction of wastes and greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, the circular economy is considered the new paradigm of sustainability, through which consolidated production and consumption models can be profoundly modified, in order to relaunch global economic growth by “decoupling” it from the consumption – and often waste – of the planet’s natural resources.

The seminar will deal with a theoretical conceptualization of circular business models, highlighting the particular characteristics of these models and the success stories of applications in the productive-industrial field.

The theoretical models of the circular economy are applied in different industrial sectors (energy, waste, water resources, plastics, textiles, construction, biomaterials, etc.), while there are still few applications in the field of reuse of cultural heritage.

For further information please contact Antonia Gravagnuolo.