Participation of CLIC project in the BE-MAT 2018 Business Event on Materials Row Materials & Circular Economy

BE-Mat 2018 was organised by the National Research Council of Italy, member of EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), with the support of the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) Raw Material. The event brought together entrepreneurs and researchers to find new opportunities in the domain of:

  • Critical raw materials and primary resources: geophysics and exploration, rock mechanics, treatment of mineral resources and waste
  • Recycling of industrial scraps and end-of-life products: metals, WEEE, automotive, composites, tyres, precious metals
  • Substitution of Critical Raw Materials: new solutions for batteries, electric motors, flame retardants, LEDs
  • Advanced materials & biomaterial: ceramics, biopolymers, elastomers, composites and rubber
  • Circular economy and Circular Business Models

The business event was meant to be as a community with a high potential of Innovation and Internationalization based on stable links between research results, industrial needs and funding paths.

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