European network of historic botanic therapeutic gardens

From the experience of HIPs Salerno, a close collaboration and synergy with Giardino della Minerva has been developed, which in turn, thanks to the thrust of CLIC project, is pursuing the idea of a European network of historic botanic therapeutic gardens – with others located in Cordoba (Spain), Uppsala (Sweden) and Kos (Greece) – aimed at enhancing the cultural value of Salernitan School of Medicine through a Heritage-led innovation and entrepreneurial approach.

The botanic gardens network will be able to support Cultural, sustainable and “circular” tourism, through the reuse of abandoned heritage, mapped in Salerno through the CLIC project in order to respond to emerging needs of local communities preserving cultural values. At the same time, this network will strengthen the historic and humanistic research on the Hippocratica civilitas, becoming a driver of renewed local identity, civic pride and civic responsibility.  The Local  Action Plan for Salerno may exploit  for a possible submission of the proposal to European Cultural Routes.